Prince2 agile practitioner

Prince2 Agile Practitioner training and certification

Course Introduction:

The Prince2 Agile Practitioner certification is a detailed training course that aims to combine the agile concept along with project management. This training course demonstrates how to utilize various techniques, methods, and approaches to efficiently meet the client’s requirements in the fast-paced environment. In addition, the Predesk Training solution also offers hands-on training to ensure aspirants can use the balanced blend of PRINCE2 and Agile at the right place with the right projects. Hence, the Prince2 Agile Practitioner Course is an appropriate course for those who are willing to deliver successful projects in today’s fast and rapidly-paced business environment.

4 days

Learning objectives for Prince2 Agile Practitioner:

The key objective of the Prince2 Agile Practitioner certification is to help candidates to master the agile delivery techniques. Upon the successful accomplishment of the course, the candidates would be able to have an in-depth understanding of the primary concepts like: 

  • Structure, governance, and control of Agile and PRINCE2 
  • How to meet the clients demand by using PRINCE2 Agile practitioner 
  • Improve the capability to adapt and react to the challenges
  • Basic concepts of Agile and PRINCE2
  • How to combine the PRINCE2 and Agile ways
  • How to evaluate the key areas of Agile
  • How to tailor the concepts, principles, and processes of PRINCE2 Agile practitioner as per the projects

Prerequisites for The Prince2 Agile Practitioner Exam:

In order to become eligible for the Prince2 Agile Practitioner course, the candidates must have any of the below certification: 

  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation
  • IPMA Level A, B, C, D, 
  • Prince2 Foundation, 
  • Project Management Qualification(PMQ)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management

Target audience for Prince2 Agile Practitioner:

Prince2 Agile practitioner certification aims to make the aspirants more skillful in the area of the agile project management. This certification training is ideal for people who work as project managers, agile leaders, project coordinators or involved in project delivery.

Exam Details of The Prince2 Agile Practitioner exam:

  • Multiple choice objective type questions
  • 50 total questions
  • Passing score is 60% i.e 30 out of 50
  • 150 minutes duration
Open book exam but only the official hard copy of PRINCE2 Agile guide is allowed. 
Note: The official PRINCE2 Agile guide is not included in the course fee, it needs to be purchased separately by the participants.