M_O_R Practitioner -Risk Management

M_O_R Risk Management Practitioner Training and Certification

Course Introduction:

The vagaries of organizational growth largely depend on the risk management factors. Businesses often face irregular patterns of development due to the fluctuations in the market. Hence, with the right set of strategies and risk-immune steps any organization can save them from going into recession. Management of Risk (M_O_R) is the widely used framework for risk management that helps the firms define a well-informed decision-making approach to negate future debacles. Thus, the role of MOR Practitioner comes handy. At Predesk Training Solutions, we offer candidates with the M_O_R Practitioner Training course to inculcate different perspectives of risk management and operational levels. The beneficiaries of M_O_R Practitioner training program will develop strategic acumen to address the negatives of business deformity and resurrect at a much faster pace. Earn the M_O_R Practitioner Certification under the expertise of professionals with years of experience in this domain and break the glass ceiling of your management potential.

Course Duration:
3 days

Objectives of M_O_R Practitioner Certification Training course:

The prime objective of this certification course is to enhance the existing knowledge and hone the skills to crack the M_O_R exam. Further, the other skills the aspirants will master are given below:

  • Risk management (M_O_R) assessment in an organization
  • Identification and control of risks in any business operations
  • How to examine and implement the right strategy to support corporate governance

Prerequisites for the M_O_R Practitioner Training:

In order to qualify to pursue the M_O_R Practitioner certification, the candidates must pass the Risk management foundation certification program.

Target Audience for M_O_R Practitioner Training course:

The M_O_R Practitioner certification is suitable for candidates who look forward to learn the controlled approach of risk management in the organization.

  • Business Change Managers
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Project Support staff and managers
  • Operational staff and managers

Exam details for M_O_R Certification:

The M_O_R Practitioner certification exam consists of 4 questions (20 marks each) per paper that candidates need to answer within the 3 hours of duration. You need 50% of the marks to pass this certification exam. **The M_O_R certification expires after 5 years.

Content covered:

  • Benefits of MoR
  • Mechanisms that support the principles and their differences
  • The content of the nine MoR approaches and considerations for their creation
  • Roles of communicators and stakeholders
  • Problems that can be caused by embedding and reviewing MoR
  • How to apply MoR to a company with management support
  • Function of applying MoR across the perspectives
  • Applying MoR to a specific scenario
  • Differentiating between correct and incorrect appliance of MoR
  • Technique to identify risks