Learning Methods

Classroom Training:

We provide face to face classroom trainings with the help of our best Industry experts to the audience from across the world. This mode of training is a kind of package which includes accommodation, airport pick n drop, Visa guidance etc. Since face to face communication has been identified as the best mode of communication, classroom trainings provide an opportunity for the students and the instructors to interact directly and get the most out of a training session. We also ensure to keep a restriction on batch size so that the instructors can provide undivided attention and focus on all participants.

Learning Method

We offer classroom trainings in two ways:

1. Group trainings: They are structured around individuals with similar training needs and give the participants an opportunity to speak to people from different industry sectors and different organizations, participate in group-based case studies and discussions.

2. One on one trainings: These are highly focused on the needs of an individual and we provide an instructor who is dedicated to a single participant and the participants can highly focus on achieving their certification goals with the help of their dedicated instructor. The courses offered through one on one mode are customized to suit the individual needs.

Onsite Training:

As the name suggests our prestigious clients can ask for an expert/trainer to fly down to their site and deliver the requested training. Its again a kind of classroom training the only difference is trainer flies to client’s premises instead of participants flying to our training centre. It has become a demanding mode of training in cases where client has a group of participants to be trained on same technology. Instead of sending a group to a training centre client may ask the trainer to deliver training in their office.


1. Economical

2. Time saving

3. Customization


Instructor led online training:

Instructor led online training affirms to be the most convenient way to learn all from the comfort of your home, office or any other place of your choice. Its same as classroom training just a physical presence is missing. The students and trainer interact live via Internet. We conduct online training using latest technology to ensure the seamless experience of online interactive session. You can choose only weekend classes or 4 hours a day whatever suits you best!!


1. Hassle free – No travel

2. Flexible – Time

3. After class support

4. Mock tests

Learning Method 1

Self-Paced Learning:

The most common and high in demand mode of training these days is Self-paced/e-learning. A great way to learn for the professionals who don’t want to be restricted to a pre decided time or schedule.


1. Now learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience

2. Learning can be repeated without incurring additional cost

3. Eliminates trainer and student travel time and related expenses

4. Economical