Designing & implementing a data science solution DP-100

Designing & implementing a data science solution on Azure DP-100 Training and Certification

Course Introduction:

Designing & implementing a data science solution on Azure training course is for professionals who are in area of Data science. It starts with an overview of Azure services that support data science. In this DP- 100 training you will be able to learn how to operate machine learning solutions at cloud scale using Azure machine learning.

Microsoft certified azure data scientist training focuses on using Azure’s premier data science service, Azure Machine Learning service, to automate the data science pipeline. It is focused on Azure and does not teach the student how to do data science, so the participants should already know that.

3 days

Course Objectives:

  • Doing Data Science on Azure
  • Doing Data Science with Azure Machine Learning service
  • Automate Machine Learning with Azure Machine Learning service
  • Manage and Monitor Machine Learning Models with the Azure Machine Learning service


  • Azure fundamentals
  • Good knowledge of data science which should include how to prepare data, train models, and evaluating competing models to select the best one.
  • Python programming
  • Understanding of statistics

Target Audience:

The DP-100T01 course targets the data scientists and those with significant responsibilities in training and deploying machine learning models.

Content covered:

  • Doing data science on Azure
  • Doing data science with Azure machine learning service
  • Automate machine learning with azure machine learning service
  • Manage and monitor machine learning models with the azure machine learning services