Cobit 5 Implementation

COBIT 5 Implementation Training and Certification

Course Introduction:

COBIT 5 is one of the highly acclaimed frameworks in the industry used for governance and 360-degree support and management of the IT infrastructure of an organization. Completing the COBIT 5 Implementation training and clearing the exam are the two mandatory steps to get the COBIT 5 certification for further use. Both of these aspects will be covered at Predesk Training Solutions that provide complete assistance to the aspiring candidates. The COBIT5 Implementation training program will help in understanding the requirement of IT governance in the industry and how COBIT5 provides a solution. With a holistic approach and experienced professionals, candidates will get the opportunity to learn all the aspects of COBIT5 and the major components used for the implementation of the framework. The extensive and valuable insights provided by the experienced instructors will make it easy to grasp all the concepts. Predesk offers an affordable and efficient platform to get a COBIT 5 Implementation training course which caters to a productive and practical methodology to pass the COBIT 5 implementation exam conducted by ISACA. Don’t miss the golden chance to take a huge leap of the career; visit the website today for the enrolment! 

3 days

Course learning objectives:

The prior objective of the COBIT 5 Implementation training and certification is to help the enrolled candidates learn everything about the COBIT 5 framework and all about its principles and analytical tools. Various aspects that will be covered in the Implementation training course such as:

  • How to examine enterprise drivers
  • Implementation challenges, root causes and success factors
  • How to regulate and assess current process capability
  • How to scope and plan enhancements
  • Possible execution pitfalls
  • IT-oriented challenges and how to tackle them
  • Learning to manage the IT-related risks and security with COBIT 5 
  • How to use the capability maturity technique to improve efficiency 
  • Monitoring the useful metrics determining the current IT situation 
  • Process based implementation of Governance and Management concepts
  • Kotter’s Lifecyle Implementation

Prerequisites for The COBIT 5 Implementation certification exam:

Candidate must be COBIT 5 foundation certified. 

Target audience:

This course is mainly designed for professionals who want to master all the key concepts of the COBIT 5 Implementation certification. The list of professionals includes: 

  • IT managers 
  • Team leaders 
  • Internal auditors

Certification exam details:

  • 80 scenario-based multiple-choice questions
  • Passing score is 50 percent i.e. 40/80
  • Time given is 2 hours 30 minutes to complete the exam
  • Open book exam.