AZ-400 Microsoft certified: Azure Devops Engineer expert

Microsoft Azure Devops Engineer expert AZ-400 Training and Certification

Course Introduction:

MS Azure Devops Engineer expert AZ-400 training course gives the knowledge and skills to implement DevOps processes, practices and continuous integration, implement continuous delivery and implement dependency management.

You can earn this certification either taking the Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate certification and pass the AZ-400 exam.

5 days

AZ-400 certification consists of:

  • AZ-400T01: Implementing DevOps Development Processes
  • AZ-400T02: Implementing Continuous Integration
  • AZ-400T03: Implementing Continuous Delivery
  • AZ-400T04: Implementing Dependency Management
  • AZ-400T05: Implementing Application Infrastructure
  • AZ-400T06: Implementing Continuous Feedback
  • AZ-400T07: Designing a DevOps Strategy

Course Learning:

  • Recommend a migration and consolidation strategy for DevOps tools
  • Design a secure development process
  • Design and implement an Agile work management approach
  • Design a tool integration strategy
  • Design a quality strategy
  • Design a version control strategy
  • Implement a mobile DevOps strategy
  • Implement and integrate source control
  • Managing application configuration and secrets
  • Implement and manage build infrastructure
  • Implement code flow
  • Manage code quality and security policies
  • Implement a build strategy
  • Implement a container build strategy
  • Design a release strategy
  • Implement an appropriate deployment pattern
  • Set up a release management workflow
  • Design a dependency management strategy
  • Manage security and compliance
  • Design an infrastructure and configuration management strategy
  • Manage Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure
  • Implement infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Implement infrastructure compliance and security
  • Recommend and design system feedback mechanisms
  • Optimize feedback mechanisms
  • Implement process for routing system feedback to development teams

Pre-requisites for AZ-400 certification:

  • Basic knowledge about Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core software development principles. Good to have experience in an organization that delivers software.
  • Great pre-requisite courses for those certifications are Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104T00) or Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204T00).

Target Audience:

  • Professionals who has an interest in implementing DevOps processes or in passing the Microsoft Azure
  • DevOps Solutions certification exam.